UNDP Rule of Law Annual Global Report 2011

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UNDP’s 2011 Annual Report showcases the results achieved by UNDP’sGlobal Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law in Crisis-affected and Fragile Situations in 37 crisis-affected countries.


  • In Somalia, UNDP has facilitated the recruitment of more than 14,000 police officers and the creation of mobile courts, legal aid centres and sexual assault referral centres. This has increased the ability of people to access the formal justice system.
  • In Afghanistan, UNDP supports the remuneration of the 137,000 strong Afghan National Police force and pioneered the development of the force’s first community security initiatives.
  • In Colombia, support to the development of a comprehensive national framework for victims’ rights is set to provide reparations for approximately 400,000 victims by 2014. By April 2012, 75,000 victims had already been provided with compensation.
  • In DRC, where sexual and gender based violence is rife, UNDP provided support to the justice system, resulting in the conviction of 193 members of the Congolese army and police for crimes related to sexual violence. This was a major step forward in tackling impunity for these crimes.
  • In El Salvador, UNDP’s community security programmes have brought together the police and community leaders in 20 of the most violent areas of El Salvador to help reduce violence. In 2011, this resulted in a reduction of homicide, theft and assault in some of the most dangerous municipalities in El Salvador. In one municipality, homicide reduced by 40 percent. In early 2012, the programme was extended to 30 municipalities.
  • In the occupied Palestinian territory, UNDP has facilitated access to legal aid for over 17,000 men and women in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • In Guinea (Conakry), UNDP’s support to the security sector facilitated the retirement of approximately 15 percent of the army and the development of comprehensive reform plans for the entire security sector – two critical elements for long-term stability in the country

Source: UNDP



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