Bjorklund & Reinisch: International Investment Law and Soft Law

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Andrea K. Bjorklund (Univ. of California, Davis – Law) & August Reinisch (Univ. of Vienna – Law) have published International Investment Law and Soft Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2012). Contents include:

  • Andrea K. Bjorklund & August Reinisch, Introduction: The ILA Study Group on the Role of Soft Law Instruments in International Investment Law
  • Moshe Hirsch, Sources of International Investment Law
  • Melaku Geboye Desta, Soft Law in International Law: An Overview
  • Andrea K. Bjorklund, Assessing the Effectiveness of Soft Law Instruments in International Investment Law
  • Kate Miles, Soft Law Instruments in Environmental Law: Models for International Investment Law?
  • Giuditta Cordero-Moss, Soft Law Codifications in the Area of Commercial Law
  • Melaku Geboye Desta, GATT/WTO Law and International Standards: An Example of Soft Law Instruments Hardening Up?
  • Christian Tietje & Emily Sipiorski, The Evolution of Investment Protection Based on Public International Law Treaties: Lessons to be Learned
  • Andreas R. Ziegler, Is the MFN Principle in International Investment Law Ripe for Multilateralization or Codification?
  • August Reinisch, Is Expropriation Ripe for Codification? The Example of the Non-Discrimination Requirement for Lawful Expropriations
  • August Reinisch & Andrea K. Bjorklund, Soft Codification of International Investment Law

Source: International Law Reporter


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