Call for Papers: Ottawa Law Review

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Call for Papers Ottawa Law Review 2013-2014

The Ottawa Law Review is currently accepting submissions for publication in Volume 45. The Review is seeking scholarly articles that contribute to a diversity of opinions on legal issues, including articles with an international, theoretical or comparative focus. We are accepting submissions immediately.

The Review’s mandate to publish submissions that exhibit the highest quality legal research and writing has resulted in its articles being widely cited. We distribute printed copies to subscribers internationally and reach a large audience through online databases. Our authors are also free to publish their article on a personal website or on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

We strive to ensure a timely and transparent process. Each submission is internally reviewed to ensure it is in accordance with our general guidelines, including word limits, which can be found on our website at Once it passes our internal review, the submission is sent out to two expert peer-reviewers. Upon receiving the assessments, the student Editorial Board will then consider the submission for publication. Authors whose articles are not selected for publication will still have the benefit of receiving detailed Editorial Board comments along with the expert assessments. Throughout this process, the Review employs a strict confidentiality policy to ensure that both authors and assessors remain anonymous.

We welcome any submissions—articles, essays, case comments, book reviews—that are original and not being considered by other publications. Student submissions must be accompanied by a professor’s reference. Works are published in English or French, reflecting the bilingual spirit of the University of Ottawa. The Review invites you to submit an electronic copy of your work in Word format to the Editor-in-Chief at Please visit our website at for more information.

Source: Juris Diversitas



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