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oficina_16Representing Extraterritorial Accountability – Call for Proposals.

Source: Ejil Talk
January 29, 2017
This conference will be held on 28-29 May 2017 at Haifa University, Israel and is a collaboration between the University of Haifa Master of Fine Arts program and the Faculty of Law. 

The conference aims to problematize representations of exterritorial accountability in law, media, and visual culture. It will offer a forum for discussion among lawyers, artists, and scholars whose work concerns events that occur beyond territorial jurisdiction and raises urgent moral, political, and legal questions. We propose to consider state action beyond its borders, whether such action produces violence or generates opportunities for rescue.

Focusing on contemporary extraterritorial policies sheds light on multiple problems of global impact – refugee and climate crises, contemporary warfare and cross-border policing, surveillance, and cybercrime. We will dedicate our discussion to six themes, with one panel dedicated to each: (1) Interdiction, Detention, Interrogation; (2) Targeting and Assassination; (3) Pollution and Resource Extraction; (4) Humanitarian Intervention and Rescue; (5) Tax Havens and Offshore Finance; and (6) Surveillance and Espionage. We invite proposals from any discipline focusing on any of these general themes. Proposals must consist of an image you wish to respond to or present as a springboard for conversation, a short (400 word) abstract providing an outline of your talk, and a short resumé or biographical note. The proposal deadline is 28 February 2017. Submissions should be sent to Dr. Maayan Amir / Dr. Itamar Mann:



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