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Guatemala constitutional court allows entry to UN anti-corruption official after being detained at capital airport

Source: Jurist  

January 07, 2019

Guatemala’s Constitutional Court on Monday ordered [Spanish] the release of Colombian Yilen Osorio, a member of the United Nation’s International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) which is charged with investigating allegations of corruption in the country. Osorio had been held in detention at the La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City since his arrival on Saturday.

For the past decade, the CICIG, in partnership with the Attorney General’s office, have helped in the arrest and prosecution of powerful criminals and corrupt officials who were once deemed untouchable. Last year, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales attempted to hamper efforts of the CICIG by refusing to renew the CICIG’s mandate and denying its members entry into the country but was unanimously denied by the court’s five magistrates. The CICIG is currently investigating allegations of bribery and corruption within the Guatemala government and Morales’ political party. 

 Morales came into power in 2015 when members of the previous administration stepped down amid fraud and corruption charges. His four year term is set to expire at the end of this year and he is ineligible from seeking a second term under Guatemalan law. However, Morales has hinted at prolonging his rule, claiming little can be done in a single four-year term.



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