d’Aspremont: The Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations: Magnifying the Fissures in the Law of International Responsibility

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Jean d’Aspremont (Univ. of Amsterdam – Law) has posted The Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations: Magnifying the Fissures in the Law of International Responsibility (International Organizations Law Review, forthcoming). Here’s the abstract:

It is against the backdrop of the conceptual impairment inherited from the Articles on State Responsibility (hereafter ASR) that this note, rather than zeroing in on what could have been better devised at the micro-level of the Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations (hereafter ARIO), adopts a holistic view on the approaches to the law of international responsibility. In so doing, the ARIO are not approached in isolation but together with the ASR. Leer el resto de esta entrada »


Día de las Naciones Unidas

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Hoy 24 de octubre se celebra el Día de las Naciones Unidas, que marca el aniversario de la entrada en vigor en 1945 de la Carta de las Naciones Unidas. Encúentra informaciones sobre ese evento y las Naciones Unidas acá.

Además encontrarás acá la publicación “ABD de las Naciones Unidas”, un libro que presenta en detalles el sistema de las Naciones Unidas.

UN moves ahead with efforts to reinforce rule of law worldwide

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10 October 2012 – With its many years of experience and its entrenched neutrality, the United Nations is ideally placed to help countries establish the rule of law, a vital factor in post-conflict reconstruction, overall development and enforcing fundamental rights, a top UN official said today.

“Newly-constituted governments are looking to the United Nations for advice and assistance in constitution-making processes, reforming justice and security institutions and dealing with legacies of atrocities,” Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson told the General Assembly committee that deals with international legal matters, also known as the Sixth Committee.

“The United Nations has a comparative advantage in providing this assistance,” Mr. Eliasson stressed, noting that it is currently helping 150 Member States on various aspects of the rule of law. “We have a broad range of experience dating back many years. The UN brings neutrality and the weight of the international community to the work. We are also using out convening power to advance the issues and the debate.” Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Call for Papers: Interfaces between International and National Legal Orders: An International Rule of Law Perspective

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The Amsterdam Center for International Law published a call for paper for the international rule of law seminar of March 2013.

Source: Amsterdam Center for International Law

Hague Academy of International Law 2013 Summer Program

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The course of study for the Hague Academy of International Law’s 2013 Summer Program is now available. Registration begins November 1, 2012. Here are the courses:

Public International Law

  • Lucius Caflisch (Member, International Law Commission), Inaugural Lecture: National Boundaries, Limits and Delimitations: How Significant are these Today?
  • James Crawford (Univ. of Cambridge), General Course: The Course of International Law. Practice and Process of the Law of Nations
  • Eyal Benvenisti (Tel Aviv Univ.), The International Law of Global Governance
  • Jean-Marc Sorel (Université Paris 1), What Normativity for the Law of International Monetary and Financial Relations?
  • Robert Kolb (Univ. of Geneva), Article 103 of the United Nations Charter
  • Anna Wyrozumska (Univ. of Lodz), The Role of Domestic Judges in the Development of International Law
  • Bruno Nascimbene (Univ. of Milan), The Law of Nationality and the Law of Regional Organisations for Integration: Towards New Types of Status for Residents?
  • Ki Gab Park (Korea Univ.), The Protection of Individuals in the Event of Catastrophes Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Informe de la Comisión de Derecho Internacional

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Encuentra acá el informe de la Comisión de Derecho Internacional sobre la sesión 2012.


The Emergence and Evolution of Customary International Law

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Francesco Parisi, University of Minnesota – Law School
Daniel Pi, University of Minnesota – Minneapolis – Law School

Minnesota Legal Studies Research Paper No. 12-40

Customary international law is one of the three main sources of international law; lamentably, it has historically received little attention from law and economics scholars, despite providing rich material for economic analysis. In this chapter, we provide a concise overview of recent research on customary international law from a law and economics perspective, summarizing the main results while modestly extending some of the analyses presented.

Source: Social Science Research Network