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Call for Papers: Creation of International Law: Exploring the International Law Components of Peace

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A call for papers has been issued for a conference on “Creation of International Law: Exploring the International Law Components of Peace,” to be held April 4-5, 2014, at the University of Wisconsin Law School, in Madison. Here’s the call:

Call for Papers
Creation of International Law: Exploring the International Law Components of Peace
Wisconsin International Law Journal Annual Symposium, April 4-5, 2014, University of Wisconsin Law School, USA

We invite internationally acclaimed women scholars and advanced PhD candidates to the second conference on the Creation of International Law, to be hosted by the University of Wisconsin on April 4-5, 2014 as part of its Wisconsin International Law Journal annual symposium. The intention is to continue and expand the network of women scholars and practitioners that was launched in 2009 in Norway to support their engagement in public international law. The theme of the second conference is: Exploring the International Law Components of Peace. The pursuit of peace remains a global challenge and there is a need for reflection as to how the current international public law institutional and normative structure functions and what are the gaps? Leer el resto de esta entrada »


Webb: International Judicial Integration and Fragmentation

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Philippa Webb (King’s College London – Law) has published International Judicial Integration and Fragmentation (Oxford Univ. Press 2013). Here’s the abstract:

Fragmentation is one of the major debates within international law, but no detailed case studies have been made to show the problems that it creates, and how they can be addressed. This book asks whether the growing number of international judicial bodies render decisions that are largely consistent with one another, which factors influence this (in)consistency, and what this tells us about the development of international law by international courts and tribunals. It answers these questions by focusing on three areas of law, genocide, immunities, and the use of force, as in each of these areas different international judicial entities have dealt with cases stemming from the same situation and set of facts. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Call for Submissions: Tory Fellowships for Legal Writing

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The University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review has issued a call for submissions for its Tory Fellowships for Legal Writing. Here’s the call:

Call for Submissions
Tory Fellowships for Legal Writing

To encourage law students and recent law graduates to publish their legal writing, the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review awards Tory Fellowships each summer. Tory Fellowships are awarded to law students and recent graduates who have written promising legal papers.

Recipients of a Tory Fellowship receive a monetary award as well as detailed commentary on their paper from the Law Review Senior Board. The goal of the Senior Board is to suggest revisions that Fellows can make to their papers that will increase their chance for publication in the Law Review.

The Law Review will award up to four Tory Fellowships of $500 each this summer. A portion of the award is distributed upon award acceptance, and the remainder is distributed when the author resubmits his or her paper to the Law Review after making revisions proposed by the Senior Board. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

The ILC on the Expulsion of Aliens

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At work on a new article discussing the failures of international human rights law to adequately protect undocumented migrants, I was delighted to learn that the United Nations International Law Commission has been at work for nearly ten years on draft articles relating to the expulsion of aliens. Provisionally adopted by the Drafting Committee in 2012, and drafted under the guidance of Special Rapporteur (and past ILC Chairman) Maurice Kamto, the articles represent a bold departure from important aspects of human rights law relating to undocumented migrants and immigration proceedings.

Even starting with the term “expulsion” proceedings rather than a euphimism such as “removal” proceedings or a more facially neutral “immigration” proceedings suggests a fresh take on the issue.  Up front and center, draft article 1 notes that the draft articles apply with equal force to non-citizens lawfully and unlawfully present.  Given that the text of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights distinguishes between non-citizens lawfully and unlawfully present (Art. 13) and that the text of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination explicitly permits”‘distinctions, exclusions, restrictions or preferences” between citizens and non-citizens (Art. 1(2)) (and therefore presumably between non-citizens lawfully and unlawfully present), this represents significant progress. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

ASIL seeks papers for Research Forum, scheduled for November 1-3 @ NYU Law

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Scholars seeking the perfect venue for presenting their work in progress need look no further than the 3d annual American Society of International Law Research Forum, to be held as part of ASIL’s 2013 Midyear Meeting, November 1-3 at New York University School of Law.

Delighted to see that my Georgia Law colleague, Professor Timothy L. Meyer, will serve as a Co-Chair of the Research Forum, as he did the October 2012 Midyear Meeting & Research Forum, which brought scores of scholars, from all over the world, here to Athens. Tim will be joined by Seton Hall Law Professor Kristen Boon. In the call for papers, they write: Leer el resto de esta entrada »

SUR, Revista Internacional de Derechos Humanos, Solicitación de Artículos

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Revista Número 19 – Solicitación de Artículos


Fecha límite: 15 de junio de 2013

Conectas Derechos Humanos, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, CIVICUS: Worldwide Alliance for Citizen Participation y Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development invitan a académicos y profesionales a presentar artículos para la edición 19 de la Revista Sur, a ser publicada en diciembre de 2013, cuyo tema central será Política Exterior y Derechos Humanos.

Sur – Revista Internacional de Derechos Humanos es publicada dos veces al año por Conectas con la colaboración y el apoyo de la Fundación Carlos Chagas. Se edita en tres idiomas (inglés, portugués y español), distribuida forma gratuita a aproximadamente 2.400 lectores de más de cien países y se encuentra disponible en internet en http://www.revistasur.org. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

New Book Constituting Europe

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Next month, the book ‘Constituting Europe. The European Court of Human Rights in a National, European and Global Context’ will be published by Cambridge UP. It was edited by Andreas Follesdal, Birgit Peters, and Geir Ulfstein. It especially looks at multilevel issues of interaction of the Court with other institutions. The proofs are already available on google books. This is the abstract:

At fifty, the European Court of Human Rights finds itself in a new institutional setting. With the EU joining the European Convention on Human Rights in the near future, and the Court increasingly having to address the responsibility of states in UN-lead military operations, the Court faces important challenges at the national, European and international levels. In light of recent reform discussions, this volume addresses the multi-level relations of the Court by drawing on existing debates, pointing to current deficits and highlighting the need for further improvements.

Source: ECHR Blog