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EU approves opening North Macedonia and Albania membership negotiations

Source: Jurist

March 24, 2020

The EU agreed Tuesday that it would begin membership negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.

The European Affairs Ministers met via video conference led by the Croatian European Affairs Minister, Andreja Metelko-Zgombic. During the conference, the Affairs Ministers agreed to pursue the membership negotiations with the two countries.

Metelko-Zgombic stated, “It was my great pleasure to chair today’s informal video conference of [European Union] Affairs Ministers where a political decision to open accession negotiations with [Northern Macedonia] and [Albania] was reached. Congratulations to both countries!” The announcement closely follows after North Macedonia penned its last NATO ascension document Friday and signed its NATO ascension agreement in February 2019.

The EU has faced unique communication challenges amidst the COVID-19 breakout. On Monday, EU diplomats criticized the necessary video conferences in place of in-person meetings. Diplomats cited technical difficulties with audio and translations that hinder negotiations. Accordingly, the EU has yet to post a date for commencing North Macedonia and Albania membership negotiations. The EU will likely give its official statement on the matter on Thursday according to the AP report.

The membership negotiations could take years to confirm membership.

Derecho Internacional / International Law

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austria + eu.jpgTop EU Court rules Austria must give same benefits to refugees as its citizens

Source: Jurist

23 de noviembre, 2018

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled Wednesday that the Austrian government must give the same social security benefits to refugees as it does to its residents. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

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imagesEU votes to ban throwaway plastics by 2021    

Source: Jurist

October 24, 2018

-European Union-

Members of the EU Parliament approved a draft bill Wednesday to ban single use plastics by 2021.

According to the European Commission, single use plastics make up 70 percent of marine litter and include items like plastic cutlery, straws and take out containers. Overall, 80 percent of Marine litter is plastics. While single-use plastic is often most convenient for consumers, this legislation encourages better recycling and re-use. The litter from disposed plastic has an enormous impact on various animal species, and cost to the economy in clean up efforts, fisheries and tourism. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Derechos Humanos / Human Rights

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Unión-EuropeaProtocol 16, New Rules of Court and Website on Impact of the ECHR  

Source: ECHR Blog

August 15, 2018

It is the midst of Summer, but important times for the European Convention of Human Rights system. On 1 August, the new Protocol 16 entered into force for those state parties that have ratified it. This means the European Court will be able to now give advisory opinions upon request of the highest national courts and tribunals related to the interpretation or application of ECHR rights. Thus far, the following states have ratified: Albania, Armenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Lithuania, San Marino, Slovenia and Ukraine. As a consequence, the Court has also amended its Rules of Court as of 1 August, inserting provisions on Protocol 16 (the new rules 91 to 95) outlining how this should be implemented in practice. Leer el resto de esta entrada »


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eurosLos agentes comerciales tienen derecho a indemnización y reparación del perjuicio aunque la terminación del contrato se produzca en el período de prueba         

Fuente: Noticias Jurídicas

19 de abril, 2018


El Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea (TJUE) ha dictaminado que los agentes comerciales pueden ser indemnizados por terminación de un contrato aunque dicho fin se produzca durante el periodo de prueba. En la sentencia por la que resuelve el asunto C-645/16, el TJUE considera queestablecer un periodo de prueba dentro del contrato entra dentro de la libertad contractual de las partes, por lo que puede aplicarse la Directiva europeaque regula la indemnización o reparación del prejuicio por finalización de contrato de los agentes comerciales. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Derecho Internacional / International Law

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descargaEuropa permite extraditar a ciudadanos de otro Estado             

Fuente: El Economista España

-Unión Europea-

El Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea (TJUE) permite distinguir entre los ciudadanos nacionales y los europeos que se mueven por su territorio a la hora de negarse a extraditar a Estados Unidos. De este modo, establece que “un Estado miembro no está obligado a permitir que cualquier ciudadano de la Unión que haya circulado por su territorio se acoja a la prohibición de extradición a los Estados Unidos de la que gozan sus propios nacionales”. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Derecho Económico y Comercial / Economic and Commercial Law

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economía_03Modification of trade defence rules regarding non-market economy costs and prices              

Source: International Law Office

February 22, 2018

-European Union-

In December 2017 the European Union issued Regulation 2321/2017, amending the basic EU Anti-dumping Regulation (1036/2016). Among other things, Regulation 2321/2017 sets out new rules for the calculation of normal value in the case of significant distortions that affect cost and price and removes rules which previously allowed for normal value to be determined via an analogue country methodology for non-market economy World Trade Organisation (WTO) members. Leer el resto de esta entrada »