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Michigan: state-affiliated adoption agencies must allow LGBT couples to adopt            

Source: Jurist

March 22, 2019

-United States-

As part of a settlement, Michigan agreed Friday that state-contracted adoption agencies must follow non-discrimination requirements and allow LGBT couples to adopt or foster children. 

The case was brought in September 2017 by two same-sex couples who wished to adopt against the state of Michigan and St. Vincent Catholic Charities (an intervenor defendant). “The American Civil Liberties Union filed the lawsuit on behalf of the couples, arguing that the state of Michigan was violating the Constitution by permitting agencies to use religious criteria to exclude prospective foster and adoptive families.”

Kristy and Dana Dumont, two of the plaintiffs, told the ACLU, “We are so happy that for same-sex couples in Michigan who are interested in fostering or adopting, opening their hearts and homes to a child no longer comes with the risk of being subjected to the discrimination we experienced.”

However, the ACLU noted that Tennessee and Arkansas are working to pass bills that would allow state-funded agencies to exclude LGBT couples from adopting or fostering. In May 2017 Alabama passed a law permitting adoption agencies to exclude same-sex couples under a religious exemption. Texas passed a similar law the following June.