Derecho Económico y Comercial/ Commercial and Economic Law

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Awm192762ttcuerdo UE-Colombia/Perú, un año después
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El acuerdo entre la Unión Europea y Colombia y Perú cumple un año de que entró en vigor. Y aunque es muy joven y es muy pronto para sacar balance de un complejo acuerdo de libre comercio que incluye diálogo político y cooperación, ciertas tendencias se manifiestan ya.

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Derecho Económico y Comercial /Economic and Commercial Law

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IMG_0900Private International Law Act (Dominican Republic)
Source: Conflict Flaws
On December 18, 2014, the Official Gazette of the Dominican Republic published the Private International Law Act of the Republic, Law 544-14, of 15 October 2014. The Act has been conceived as an all-encompassing one: According to its Art. 1 it aims to “regulate the international private relationships of civil and commercial nature in the Dominican Republic, in particular: the extent and limits of the Dominican jurisdiction; the determination of applicable law; the conditions for recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions“.  The broad approach is confirmed all throughout the text, which not only provides for grounds of jurisdiction, conflict of laws rules or rules on recognition and enforcement, but also for solutions to common practical problems experienced in those areas – such as situations of lis pendens, forum non conveniens linked to the localization abroad of evidence in the case at hand, or the proof of the applicable foreign law. Insolvency and arbitration matters are excluded from the scope of the new Act which, conversely, adopts a wide understanding of PIL – see for instance Art. 11.7, on exclusive jurisdiction for proceedings to establish Dominican nationality. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Van Calster & Prévost: Research Handbook on Environment, Health and the WTO

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Geert Van Calster (KU Leuven – Law) & Denise Prévost (Maastricht Univ. – Law) have published Research Handbook on Environment, Health and the WTO (Edward Elgar Publishing 2013). The table of contents is here. Here’s the abstract:
This Handbook provides state-of-the-art analysis by leading authors on the links between the international trade regime and health and environment concerns – concerns that make up an increasing proportion of WTO dispute settlement.

Research Handbook on Environment, Health and the WTO surveys fields as diverse as climate change mitigation, non-communicable diseases, nanotechnology and public health care. The volume brings to the fore the debates and complexities surrounding these issues and their implications for the international trading system. The Handbook begins in Part I with a survey of general issues that sets a context for the more specific sectorial studies. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Cortés Martín: European Exceptionalism in International Law? The European Union and the System of International Responsibility

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José Manuel Cortés Martín (Universidad Pablo de Olavide – Law) has posted European Exceptionalism in International Law? The European Union and the System of International Responsibility (in Responsibility of International Organizations Essays in Memory of Sir Ian Brownlie, Maurizio Ragazzi ed., forthcoming). Here’s the abstract:

Is a new custom emerging in favor of the existence of a special responsibility rule for regional economic integration organization (REIO) based on normative control? According to this special rule, the conduct of a State that executes acts under the normative control of a REIO could be considered an act of that organization under International law, taking account of the nature of the organization’s external competence and its international obligations in the field where the conduct occurred. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Guatemala plantea una diferencia contra el Perú con respecto a determinados productos agropecuarios

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El 12 de abril de 2013, Guatemala notificó a la Secretaría de la OMC una solicitud de celebración de consultas con el Perú con respecto a un derecho adicional aplicable a las importaciones de determinados productos agropecuarios (WT/DS457).

En los próximos días se facilitará más información en el documento WT/DS457/1

¿Qué es una solicitud de celebración de consultas?

La solicitud de celebración de consultas inicia formalmente una diferencia en la OMC. Las consultas dan a las partes la oportunidad de debatir la cuestión y encontrar una solución satisfactoria sin llegar al litigio.

Pasados 60 días, si las consultas no han permitido resolver la diferencia, el reclamante puede pedir que la resuelva un grupo especial.

Fuente: OMC

Wolfe: Letting the Sun Shine in at the WTO: How Transparency Brings the Trading System to Life

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Robert Wolfe (Queen’s Univ. – Policy Studies) has posted Letting the Sun Shine in at the WTO: How Transparency Brings the Trading System to Life. Here’s the abstract:

Without transparency, trade agreements are just words on paper. Transparency as disclosure allows economic actors and trading partners to see how rules are implanted; transparency in decision-making ensures fairness and peer review. In the first section of this paper, I discuss the logic of transparency in general and the motivation for its use in the trading system. Considerable information on WTO transparency mechanisms is available in the Minutes and annual reports of the various WTO bodies, and in the Director-General’s annual overview of the trading system, but comparative analysis is not easy. In the second section, therefore, I develop a framework in which different transparency mechanisms can be compared to each other using the metaphor of three generations in the evolution of transparency in the trading system as a means of explaining how transparency works in the WTO. For sunshine to work, at least two things must happen. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Watson: The WTO and the Environment: Development of competence beyond trade

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James Watson (Weber Shandwick) has published The WTO and the Environment: Development of competence beyond trade (Routledge 2012). Here’s the abstract:

This book is a review of the development of the WTO dispute resolution procedure and the power and influence it has gained over the practises of the member countries as well as in other international treaties.

The book addresses the development of environmental competency in the WTO and examines the arguments of those who oppose WTO rule making with impacts on the environment. The WTO’s interactions with multilateral environmental agreements are considered and recent WTO cases including the 2011 US/Mexico tuna dispute and the US sea turtles decision are analysed in detail. In examining how an international organisation which was established with a specific purpose in mind has come to interact in fields beyond its original remit, James Watson demonstrates how the dispute resolution system at the WTO has come to work in a judicialised manner, operating with an informal system of precedent. Leer el resto de esta entrada »